Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Ginger is a fine root. It makes a very good herbal drink. It has a unique taste, which at first feels disconcerting to those who aren't in the know. In time, the ginger drinker's palate discovers it's sweet, euphoric and comforting essence.

Ginger strenghtens the digestion, purifies blood and clears a clouded mind. It calms the hearts of the those who are like the restless wind.

I drink it often at work to control overstimulation.

El corazón loco

My goddess has shown compassion

I have hopes and wishes. I contend. Yet I am content. Because I have no special demands. I embrace suffering and open myself to pleasure: an invitation to communication with the eternal feminine.

Far away from here, I heard myself laughing like a fool to the complete breaking of my heart. Yet could I possibly ever have been happier during that moment of loss? No, what irony! I was purified by my grief. See, her heart that had wings was still deserving of my love at the day of migration.

And The Goddess did reward my dedication.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tools for Mutants I

To get closer to achieving ultimate mutant power, try Rooibos tea. It's powerful stuff and without caffeine. Some claim it may also help with allergy. I'm drinking it all the time now, and I'm feeling better every day! Damn I'm on fire!

It's also very good to do taekwondo kicks or ninja jumps.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This is my friend, Pollen. I have pollen allergy, but it's not really Pollen's fault. Pollen was here before I was. Allergy is just us humans having adaptation problems.

Allergic symptoms are not a simple thing. It's not only a failure of the organism to adapt. I've read somewhere that the same genes which give way to this weakness also protect against some other disease. It's more like choosing one bad thing over the other.

It's tough. But, mutant's never get discouraged, so I'm upping the stakes again. There's nothing much to do to target allergy directly except drugs. So I'm gonna have to boost my whole immune function by making a stronger effort at yogic living.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Impermanence II

To see the world
in an ever-recurring motion,
Witness one's self entirely inseparable
from the unceasing stream of elements
Love a thing and let it go,
time standing still eternally

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No more bad coffee

Ladies and gentlemen. Do you like coffee? If you do, like I do, you've no doubt run into the problem of bad coffee. Sometimes you'd really like to have a cup, but all there is, is bad coffee. Don't worry, I've solved the problem! All you have to do is to get over the idea of getting a perfect cup of coffee!

Once you've dealt with your dissapointment, you're ready for the next step: Operation Café Americano. Mix half a cup of bad coffee with half a cup of hot water and add some milk - mother natures perfect food. What you've got is a cup of CAFÉ AMERICANO, which has only half the bad taste of the original bad coffee, plus sweet tasting milk to defend your calsium levels from the negative effect of bad coffee.

Most of the human body is made out of hot water. Café Americano provides you with all the water you need to protect your precious bodily fluids. Try it out right away!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mutant of the Week II

Here's the mutant of the week!

I think this mutant seems a lot happier than the previous one. But obviously there's still something painfully wrong about him. Doesn't he have legs at all? With such short hands (or only one hand?) is he able to scratch himself, in case of a sudden ich? Or is he just mad? How does he earn a living? What is that place he's in, anyway? It could be a salt desert.

If you know anything at all about this mutant, leave a comment.